Star Wars Celebration Tips Vol. 2 Eats/Drinks


So besides being a giant Star Wars nerd I am what most would consider a Foodie and Beverage connoisseur of sorts, I have my 1st degree sommelier, spirits certified and have gone through my first level of cicerone classes.  I’ve spent the last 10 years associated with Food and Beverage at Walt Disney World  so I like to think I  can tell you a few great places to eat and drink in Orlando.  It may not be New York, Chicago, or Shanghai but odds are you can find something to please you palate.

In the general area around the convention center there are plenty of fast food places (not my style but if you want a Big Mac more power to you).  Also most of the major hotels all have bars and restaurants at them but besides Celebration parties my knowledge is a bit limited.

So in general some of my favorite pubs and eateries are about a half a mile or a mile walk from the conventions Center up International Drive, there are taxis, Ubers and Pedi-Cabs a plenty if you don’t feel like walking after running all over the floor all day. These are in order of closest to farthest away from the convention center in the general area.  There are plenty of others around the area but these are my favorites.

If you want to venture farther there are a lot of good restaurants in the Doctor Phillips area as well which is just a couple miles down the road.

But if you really want to go exploring here are my favorites from all over Orlando and some at Walt Disney World if you have time and you haven’t spent all your money at the convention.

  • Cloak and Blaster Premier Gaming Pub– I’m not going to lie this is a hike to get there as it is all the way on the east side of Orlando near the University of Central Florida but it is totally worth it, plenty of craft beers and amazing food in a gaming. enviornment.
  •  SoCo Located in downtown Orlando this has fantastic food and southern charm.
  • Cask and Larder a bit of drive as well but I love it just the same fantastic food, craft beers and cocktails and a great atmosphere.

The following are all Disney Restaurant and I’m biased and love them all. If you want more info please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll tell you what I can. (If you want these and they are in your budget I highly suggest getting Reservations now) Here are my 5 favorites at Disney right now in no particular order.

Hopefully this guide is of some help to you and please feel free to reach out to me if I can help answer any questions I surely will.


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